SSH into Raspberry Pi using Putty


This post is targeted towards those who don’t have a separate screen for Raspberry Pi or a TV with an HDMI or have a screen with DVI port. To tackle this issue we have two options.

  • Use a Converter ie. HDMI to DVI converter. (Costly & not reliable)
  • Connect to Pi via SSH from your Windows or Linux computer (Free & reliable.)

What is SSH ?

Secure Shell (SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol for secure data communication, remote command-line login, remote command execution, and other secure network services between two networked computers. Wiki

NOTE : The latest Raspbian image has a default configuration with SSH enabled.

Below is a step by step guide for establishing an SSH connection from your machine(Windows/MAC/Linux) to the Raspberry Pi. Gather the items listed below so that we are good to start:

  1. LAN cable to connect the Raspberry Pi to a router.
  2. Download Putty (SSH client) on your machine. In the case of MAC and Linux, you can directly SSH from the terminal.
  3. Advanced IP Scanner (Windows),  Angry IP Scanner (MAC and Linux)
  4. And off course… Raspberry Pi.

Let’s start :

Step 1: SSH Client

Download Putty on your machine from here. (only for windows). MAC & Linux already have SSH integrated into the shell.

Putty Download

Putty Download

Click on the first option putty.exe . Just double click & it will open the below window.



Do not change any setting on this screen. SSH is selected by default.

Step 2: IP address of the Raspberry Pi

Next, find the IP address of the Raspberry Pi. For this install the Advanced IP Scanner (Windows) or Angry IP Scanner (MAC & Linux). Launch it & click the play button (green arrow). It will list out all the IP’s on your home network. On the right side, you will find the device name, search for Raspberry Pi Foundation. Make a note of the IP for that name.



In my case the IP address is  ….. in your case, it may be something else.

Note: In case of Angry IP scanner make sure that the IP range corresponds to –

Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner

Step 3: One more step to go. In case of windows, open Putty and type the IP address in the Hostname dialogue box as shown below:



Click Open. This will open a connection to the Raspberry Pi. And a command window will pop up asking you to enter login & password. The default login is “pi” & password is “raspberry” for the raspbian image.



As soon as you enter the password, you will be given access to Pi’s shell window. Using this method you won’t be able to see the desktop, only the command line will be available. To view the desktop we will need VNC, that will be covered in another tutorial.

For MAC and Linux users, type the below command in the terminal to SSH into the Pi

Now you can securely connect to your Pi using your laptop or desktop without the need of any other screen.

Hope this helped you. Thanks for visiting smile

Cheers martini


    • Thanks for sharing @chiptron.
      Logging into the router and finding the IP address is indeed a good idea. But not everyone is familiar with the router and its interface. The above method is quite generic and can be followed by everyone.


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