How to setup a Static IP Address for Raspberry Pi – UPDATE


This post is the much-awaited update to this series of setting up a static IP address. The newer version of Raspbian (Jessie) seems to have an issue with the traditional method of modifying the interfaces file. The reason is the introduction of dhcpcd demon in the newer version of Raspbian which is parsed before the interfaces file. To setup the static IP follow the below steps:

Step 1: SSH into the Raspberry Pi

Log in into the Pi using SSH. If you are not aware how to do this, here’s a tutorial.

Step 2: Edit the dhcpcd file

Open the dhcpcd.conf file using the following command. For those who are new to Linux, nano is the text editor that we will be using to make the changes

Scroll to the end and paste the following lines

After the changes are done press Ctrl + X, then press y and then press ENTER. This will save the modified file. Screenshot shows the modified file



Step 3: Reboot Pi

For the changes to take effect reboot the Raspberry Pi using

And …. we are done! Good day smile

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