How to install Eagle CAD on Ubuntu 13.04 & 14.04


NOTE: Eagle CAD v7.3 is available now with support for 64-bit OS. Here is a new tutorial on how to go ahead with the installation. Still this tutorial will be useful for those who want to install older versions of Eagle CAD.

This is a straight forward simple tutorial on how to install Eagle CAD on Ubuntu 13.04, 13.10 & 14.04. If you follow the process that is given on the official Eagle CAD website, you will encounter an error. This is because Eagle CAD is 32-bit & Ubuntu is 64-bit. Previous 64-bit versions of Ubuntu had support for 32-bit applications like Eagle. But the support has been discontinued in the newer versions of Ubuntu. That’s why the normal installation process won’t work. Here’s a preview smile

NOTE: For those who are installing this on a Koding VM, follow this guide to change the default Mirror’s in Koding.




Open your Terminal using the shortcut Ctrl + Alt +T & follow the below steps.

1. Update

Start by updating all the libraries.

2. Install Missing 32-bit Libraries

Use the below command

 3. Download the .run File 

Here we will create a Folder on Desktop named Eagle. Download the .run file in that folder.

 4. Make the .run file executable

First we will make it executable & then run  the setup.

You should see the GUI installation on your screen. Just click on NEXT .. & should be good to go.

Eagle GUI

Eagle GUI


5. How to start Eagle for the first time?

This question has bothered many people. So here is a detailed explanation. After installation, no shortcut will be made for Eagle. Even if you try to search for Eagle in the launcher, you won’t find the icon.


Navigate to /home/$USER/eagle-7.3.0/bin & double click on eagle. It will start up Eagle. Once it’s started right-click on the icon and select Lock to Launcher. There you go … you’re welcome for that cool

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  1. thanks a lot for help,
    i work on ubuntu 14.04 and eagle runs, also i can open all my old files i designed on osx and they work so far.

    thank you!

  2. Hi, i have Lubuntu 14.04.
    When i tried install the packet the console say me:

    “No se pudieron instalar algunos paquetes. Esto puede significar queusted pidió una situación imposible o, si está usando la distribucióninestable, que algunos paquetes necesarios no han sido creados o han sido movidos fuera de Incoming.
    La siguiente información puede ayudar a resolver la situación:
    Los siguientes paquetes tienen dependencias incumplidas:
    default-jre : Depende: default-jre-headless (= 2:1.7-52) pero no va a instalarse
    openjdk-7-jre : Depende: openjdk-7-jre-headless (= 7u71-2.5.3-0ubuntu1) pero no va a instalarse
    Recomienda: libgnome2-0 pero no va a instalarse
    Recomienda: libgnomevfs2-0 pero no va a instalarse
    E: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generó cortes, esto puede haber sido causado por paquetes retenidos.”
    I hope you can help me.

  3. Thank you Dinesh for sharing the information.
    I was having no luck with the installation of Eagle until I followed your steps. Much appreciated!

  4. Hi, I went through the whole procedure successfuly.

    However, I don’t know how to start the program. There is no shortcut, no .Eagle directry, and Eagle doesn’t show up in Software manager (Mint).

    Am I missig something? I would really appreciate if you could help.



    • Hi Alex,

      The installation directory is home/documents/eagle-7.1.0. Go to the bin folder & here you will find the setup file.

      Frankly I have no idea why it does not show up in the software manager…. that’s weird. In my case too it does not show up in the Ubuntu software center.

  5. Thanks a million! Worked great I now just need to find a way to get a link into my Applications list so I can run it from the Ubuntu “start” button.

  6. Worked great for me, Eagle CAD is up and running fine. I am new to Ubuntu 14.04, and the instructions were very easy to follow, there were no problems. Thank you

  7. I am still not able to run eagle. As in I followed all your steps, however I still can’t find where it got installed . Also is it possible that I am missing something. As in how are you normally supposed to start using eagle?

    • Hi Omkar,

      The installation directory is home/$USER/eagle-7.2.0. Go to the bin folder & here you will find the setup file. Just double click on it to run Eagle. :-D

  8. How cant I add eagle to tasbar and to manu? I install cucess but if I want to open, I go to opt/eagle/pin and run eagle. It’s inconvenient. Thank you!

  9. Hello dinesh ,
    I actually worked eagle in windows7 (professional version)
    but in ubuntu i got light version
    any idea to convert light version to professional version.

  10. Checksum error in ‘./’
    how to solve this problem.
    i was try to instal
    upsrs1@upsrs1-G41MT-S2PT:~/Desktop/Eagle$ chmod a+x
    upsrs1@upsrs1-G41MT-S2PT:~/Desktop/Eagle$ ./
    Checksum error in ‘./’
    upsrs1@upsrs1-G41MT-S2PT:~/Desktop/Eagle$ ./
    Checksum error in ‘./’


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