How To Install 64-bit Eagle CAD on Ubuntu 13.04/14.04/15.04


cadSoft has launched a new version of Eagle CAD – v7.3 with support for 64-bit systems. This means that the installation process will be much easy as compared to installing a 32-bit application on 64-bit systems. I have written a tutorial prior to this which caters to 32-bit installation, here’s the link. The steps for installation will be almost the same with a few modifications.

Open your Terminal using the shortcut Ctrl + Alt +T & follow the below steps.

1. Update

Start by updating all the libraries.

2. Download the .run File 

Here we will create a Folder on Desktop named Eagle. Download the .run file in that folder.

3. Make the .run file executable

First we will make it executable & then run  the setup.

You should see the GUI installation on your screen. Just click on NEXT .. & should be good to go.

4. How to start Eagle for the first time?

In the previous tutorial, this question bothered many people. So here is a detailed explanation. After installation, no shortcut will be made for Eagle. Even if try to search for Eagle in the launcher, you won’t find the icon.


Navigate to /home/$USER/eagle-7.3.0/bin & double click on eagle. It will start up Eagle. Once it’s started right-click on the icon and select Lock to Launcher. There you go … you’re welcome for that cool

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