MTNL 3G settings



If you have MTNL as your network provider in Mumbai, & if you need to install your 3G settings on your Android handset, There are 3 options

  1. Call 1500.
  2. Go to the website & ask for settings.
  3. Add the settings manually.

Here I will be talking about 3 option. The reason is for the method 1 & 2 they will ask for the model number of your phone. So that they can send the settings for that particular phone. While sending the settings they select the model number & then forward the settings. So if they don’t find your model number, they will not be able to forward the settings. Continue reading

Uber Mumbai

Uber was officially launched in Amchi Mumbai on 21 Feb 2014. For those who have no idea about Uber, it’s a premium car pickup service that allows you to book a car with an app. They have a base fare of Rs 100 + Rs 2 per min + Rs 17 per kilometer. Now that may not be pocket friendly for many of us. But a good option for those special occasions. Initially the area covered will be limited to south Mumbai and around Bandra.

Idea : 

Using the app to book a car, choose a pickup point, cashless transaction – in a nutshell Continue reading