A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.

R. Buckminster Fuller

Let Your Heart Break….

Silicon Valley has it’s heart at the wrong place …


Below is an extract from Bill & Melinda Gates commencement speech at Harvard.

“My visit to Soweto became an early lesson in how naïve I was.

Microsoft was donating computers and software to a community center there — the kind of thing we did in the United States. But it became clear to me very quickly that this was not the United States.
I had seen statistics on poverty, but I had never really seen poverty. The people there lived in corrugated tin shacks with no electricity, no water, no toilets. Most people didn’t wear shoes; they walked barefoot along the streets. Except there were no streets — just ruts in the mud. Continue reading

It’s all about the food we eat, the music we love and the people who keep us inspired. Everything else is just like broccoli – necessary but rarely enjoyable.

Harvey Spector, Suits

Shades of Life


© Dhruv Dimri – Monochrome

This post is co-authored by Priti Khosla & Dinesh Auti

Often, a picture speaks for itself! But sometimes two contrasting images of the same object reveals startling differences. A thought creeps in when you compare two pictures in utter contrast, that if all the colors are squeezed out of an image, what remains is a monochromatic, binary representation. Continue reading