How to install Node.js on Ubuntu 14.04/15.04

The official Node.js site provides a windows installer for a hassle free installation. Alternatively, in the case of Linux and its various flavours, there is no specific install instruction. And the resources on the internet can provide you with too much of information and it would take some time to narrow down to what’s needed. To save your time, I have listed the required commands below:

Bam! It’s done. It was that simple.

Let’s test if the installation was successful by writing a Hello World program. Below is the code to create a simple http server:

Open up a browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080. If everything is okay, you should see “Hello, World!”.

A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.

R. Buckminster Fuller

Let Your Heart Break….

Silicon Valley has it’s heart at the wrong place …


Below is an extract from Bill & Melinda Gates commencement speech at Harvard.

“My visit to Soweto became an early lesson in how naïve I was.

Microsoft was donating computers and software to a community center there — the kind of thing we did in the United States. But it became clear to me very quickly that this was not the United States.
I had seen statistics on poverty, but I had never really seen poverty. The people there lived in corrugated tin shacks with no electricity, no water, no toilets. Most people didn’t wear shoes; they walked barefoot along the streets. Except there were no streets — just ruts in the mud. Continue reading

Cast Media Content from Raspberry Pi!

The idea for this post comes as a solution to one of the problems that I faced – Sharing content with a group of friends at the same time.

Sharing content (Videos, Music, Pictures) with people around you can be a bit tricky if you have to share large files to multiple people at the same time. By sharing, I mean either the user downloads the content on to  his device or just casts it from another device. To do this there are some options available, but none of them seems to be good enough. Here are the popular ones – SuperBeam, SoftwareDataCable. Both these apps can share content but cannot cast it, so they are not done for my purpose!

To solve this issue, I decided to go with DLNA. Find more about it here. Continue reading